The mission of the Hungarian Interline Club is

to foster the spirit of good fellowship and friendly togetherness of the employees of airlines operating in Hungary and the personnel of companies of the air transport industry in general as well as employees of IATA travel agencies selling airline tickets,

to assist in spending leisure time in a much enriching way, finding relaxation through organised cultural, recreational or sports events and other entertaining programmes.

The main rules of operation of the Hungarian Interline Club

Membership criteria:
  • All employees irrespective of nationality, age or position being employed by any airline operating in Hungary, other companies or organisations of the air transport industry, as well as employees of IATA travel agencies may become members of the Club, provided they are employed in Hungary or at a Foreign Representation Office.

  • Employees having retired from or working as pensioners for any airline operating in Hungary or another company or organisation of the air transport industry as well as IATA travel agencies, may become members of the Club.

Our Club's activities are:
  • organising "Interline" tours in association with partner airlines providing the best conditions and priority to members,

  • organising excursions at home and abroad by car, bus or train,

  • organising sports programmes to enjoy leisure time,

  • organising white table meetings to strengthen the feeling of a warm-hearted and friendly togetherness,

  • organising evening parties for purposes of revenues,

  • publishing, making known and available the programmes and events organised by WACA and other foreign Interline Clubs to Hungarian Interline Club members.

The organisation of the Club:
  • General Assembly
  • Board of Management
  • President, Vice President
  • Treasurers
The supreme body of the Association is the General Assembly which:
  • decides upon the approval or the amendment of the statutes,
  • decides upon accepting the Management's and the Treasurers' Reports,
  • elects the Board of Management,
  • decides upon any merger with other associations or the termination of the Club.
The members of the Board of Management shall be:
  • 5 employees of foreign airlines (companies of the air transport industry), including the President
  • 8 employees of domestic airlines (companies of the air transport industry or travel agencies) including the Vice President
The Board of Management:
  • the President, the Vice President and the members of the Management shall represent the Club vis-a-vis third parties, organisations and institutions,

  • shall convene the General Assembly annually,

  • shall control the Club between two General Assemblies in principle and in practice,

  • shall prepare and submit the Annual Report to the General Assembly for approval,

  • shall hold ordinary meetings every two months, however the President may convene an extraordinary meeting at any time, he deems necessary,

  • positions within the Board of Management and the delegation of tasks shall be determined by the Board. According to international experiences the following positions should be filled: secretary/secretaries, cashier, a person in charge of PR activities with the press, international and bilateral affairs officials, a programme organiser, a person in charge of social events.

The revenues of the Club:
  • annual membership fees,
  • revenues from various Club events (e.g. Interline Ball),
  • organisation cost refunds from non-members,
  • voluntary grants.

The Club refrains from any political, commercial or interest protecting activity.

The Hungarian Interline Club maintains and fosters intensive links to foreign Interline Clubs and their international organisation the WACA.

Membership fee: HUF 2000 / year